Team Alignment

Team’s alignment workshop is power packed activity based program to address basics of Trust,
Inter-team differences, Understand Responsibility vs Accountability & basics of team dynamics
issues and to ensure smooth functioning of these team members.
They need to build common norms to ensure smooth functioning for better productivity. This is one
of the OD initiative to align team members and build camaraderie across functional job holders for
common objective.

Purpose (Need)

The objective of the workshop is to ensure that team members should work together with a
commonality of purpose and an integrated focus. This would ensure synergy and greater

Process (How)

The Complete activity based workshop is conducted in a learning environment, ensuring peer to peer learning via thought provoking activities. The process is meant to be stress free and ensure “FUN in FUNdamental” while keeping the purpose intact.

Payoff (Outcome / ROI)

Post this workshop they will be able to implement learning directly to their day to day work for:

  1. Increased team bonding and Ownership mindset
  2. Improved and effective communication
  3. Understand basics of Trust
  4. Understand basics of team dynamics

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